I’m a success and lifestyle architect supporting woman in creating meaningful and sustainable success in all aspects of their lives. All whilst  managing change and the many competing identities we are meant to reconcile. I help my clients strip back the noise – both external and internal – to get to what they really crave. I can help YOU to work with your own nature, not against it.

Are you ever left with a feeling that you’re settling? Something is off but you can’t seem to put your finger on it? When was the last time you made a decision for yourself? The daily pressures are taking their toll and you are running on autopilot. Life just doesn’t seem as exciting as it used to. Life is muted. I hear you. This used to be me too.

Let me share my story with you.

7 years ago, I was working in the City of London. I had a well-paid job, and life was awesome. Or maybe not so much so. I was constantly worrying about dropping the ball, of not being good enough, of never measuring up to men at work, and that someone (friends included) would finally find out what a fraud I was…and yikes…I worked hard on presenting the world this perfect shell, but fell short over and over again , of course I did, because I could never live up to my own high expectations.

One day I realised that I had a CHOICE. I didn’t actually need to keep living this self-inflicted, stressful existence. There was another way.


It was time to get real, face up to facts, get help, dig deep and do the necessary work on myself.

I quit my job, used my savings and went travelling, embarking on a quest for the truth so I could finally find my way back home to me. Re-learning to make decisions for myself again on my OWN terms, not according to what everyone else expected of me. And I’m holding my hand up here, it wasn’t an easy journey to pull back the layers and unravell myself.


This is what I learned.

I learned that if you dig deep, you can move beyond the stories that we tell ourselves in our mind – and get to the real juicy stuff. Why does this matter? Because it allows you to write your own endings to the stories and be an active participant in shaping your life, instead of being a passive observer .It’s really a process of finding your way back home to you, to your core, to your freedom, to your longings and desires so that you can shape the life that you want.

And it all starts with a choice. A choice to choose you.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

A few more things about me

  • Born in Sweden in 1980 to a great family of 5. My poor dad, with four girls around him he is completely outnumbered and still manages to take it all in his stride.
  • I left Sweden when I was 19 to explore the world…
  • …and I haven’t stopped yet. So far I’ve lived in England, Germany, Spain…
  • and Zurich, Switzerland where I currently reside. Each spot has a special place in my heart but the nature here, feeds my soul and brings a smile to my lips. Every. Single. Day.
  • I love, love, love working with woman as I 100% believe that we will save the world (Not dissing the men BTW. I love them too…but I still think we woman will rock this world.)
  • My girlfriends are my blood line who keeps me going – ALWAYS. So much love for my chicas!
  • The biggest teacher that taught me to appreciate moments is my little son. Who is turning into a bigger little man every day at the age of 3.
  • Oh and my gorgeous amazing husband/boyfriend was the guy who introduced me to personal development in 2002. And yet again, the one who told me to go ALL IN and follow my dreams. I am forever grateful that Malek showed up in my life.

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