I cannot think of a better mind and soul boot camp than Ulrika’s programme. She really gets under your skin and intuitively knows when you are going through the motions – and has no fear of calling you out on it! Unlike other coaches I have tried, she is not scared of giving a firmer steer when you are really lost. Her programme is incredibly detailed and packed with fantastic resources that triggered real ‘aha’ moments in me including helping me define my character and strengths properly for the first time in my life. I signed up coincidentally just weeks before a major life shock and I don’t know how I would have made it through without her. She really helped me get a sense of perspective and showed me how to get my emotions and thoughts under control, but equally how not to be afraid of processing strong feelings. She pointed out how my perfectionism and crazily high standards were holding me back from enjoying life. Even the simplest task seemed a huge chore for me until I learned to let go. Ulrika has definitely set me on the path to becoming me.

Gerri from London

Ulrika is incredibly knowledgeable – she has a wealth of sources that she draws upon, and has nuanced views on a very wide range of topics. Unlike any other therapists I have worked with in the past, she is not shy to share the sources she draws upon, quoting from a variety of well established and known sources. She is very engaging, and she finds a way to connect on every level – socially, emotionally, and mentally. 

Above all, she lives her life by what she knows and learns, from books, training, and courses, but also from her clients. She leads by example and with integrity and authenticity. Her abilities and skills come from her love of life and a desire to share this and improve the lives of the people around her, which is exactly what makes her so successful. 

Maria from London

The most valuable part of going through the programme with Ulrika was the trust and renewal of faith in myself that I gained. To be honest when I first started the programme I couldn’t quite pin point what was wrong, just that I was choosing the wrong relationships, I was letting people take me for granted in friendships and at work and that I was a little scatty and I felt well…sorry for myself. For a long time my overthinking and lack of self confidence made me doubt my self and I began to rely on the advice of others and their guidance as I over thought every decision until I would come around full circle with out a solution. This often made me think I was making strong choices for myself but the reality was that I was just ‘going with the flow’ or listening to others.

The programme has given me more insight into how to actually live the life I feel I deserve and it has given me courage. I feel like I can now finally measure myself against the world and how I want to be treated.One of the most valuable lessons was having learnt to set boundaries. This gave me so much freedom;

Courage to say no at work- when things are not acceptable. Courage to look at myself in the mirror and like what I see and courage to make a change in my relationships because I am not afraid that saying no to something or a way you are being treated will mean rejection. I am more whole and am growing into the person I want to be.

One of my biggest fears was failure as I am a perfectionist. I have stopped beating myself up all the time. I didn’t realise how exhausting keeping up with me was and that actually I didn’t really like myself let alone love myself very much. Previously I thought that if I didn’t go to the gym X 5 times a week, was flawless at work and waited for the perfect partner then I couldn’t possibly move forward in my life. The irony is that since finishing the programme with Ulrika I am not ‘obsessed’ with the ideals I had of perfection. I stopped my gym membership and now spend that time doing yoga, outdoor running and invested in a Pt and I have never looked or felt better. My body has found it’s natural happiness and that has helped me lose weight without thinking about it and made me more accepting and happy of my body. Work had become less of a burden as I am now prepared to accept that I am human and can make mistakes- they can be fixed ( no more dramatic self hate language to myself) , and since I have stopped looking for my idea of what a ‘perfect partner looks like’ , how he acts and what his career is like I am dating someone whom I feel respects me, values what we have and treats me as an equal- I am now a queen who feels worshipped! 

Sonia from Bournemouth, UK

I couldn’t imagine a warmer, wiser, or more compassionate companion than Ulrika. Her coaching skills helped me identify the most important aspects of change and face the fears that have hindered me so much in the past.

Her perception, understanding, patience and empathy have taught me to live my life bravely and be true to myself. This course should be mandatory. She is a true inspiration and what can I say – sign up!!!

Liza from Stockholm, Sweden

Ulrika helped me stepping outside of my comfort zone and working on my fears.

As many women do I also thought I’m not good enough to go a higher step in my career and being lovely and worth it to have an nice and caring relationship.

I was stuck, why am I always attracted to man which have so many problems and they are turning into totally nuts (arseholes) but with her coaching I start loving myself for what I am and knowing my strengths and of course weaknesses 😉

Life is much more easier after her coaching and whenever I struggle I can read through the handouts which we worked through during the course, it is absolutely amazing.

By the way with my new knowledge about the strengths of myself I finally have been promoted and I got the job I was looking for so many years and as well out of the blue a really handsome and sexy man with a true heart crossed my way…

Denise from Zurich, Switzerland

When I first started this course, I thought I was content, but could do a bit more to reach my full potential. Throughout this course, I learnt so many things that have changed and improved my relationships to my family, my friends, and myself.
During this course, I have been able to put so many things from the past and the present into perspective, drawing upon these things to get to know myself better.
After this course, I am more myself than I ever thought I could be. I am currently not just following, but realising my dreams, having started my own business, which I visualised in one of the exercises in the course.
It just works. I remember just having fun with this exercise, creating this Utopian day which involved my own business part time. (At this time, this was just an idea, not even a goal or a dream yet.) One month after putting my “silly” ideas onto paper, I was given the opportunity to go into business with a friend, doing exactly what I wanted to do in my dream day. Today, 3 months later, I have my own business. My dreams are coming true, and while it hasn’t been easy, this is the closest I have ever been to being myself.
Maria from London

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