Let’s unpack perfectionism!

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We are back with another meet up at Brotherwood! A networking event for women to discuss real subjects close to the heart.

This time we’ll unpack perfectionism and discover how it takes no prisoners.

We might think that striving for perfection allows us to achieve higher standards but actually the opposite is true. Perfectionism can undermine our potential, holding us back from being our most successful and productive self. It often leads anxiety and stress and negative emotions such as guilt, shame and anger.

Walk away with strategies that you can implement immediately to help you kick perfectionism to the curb and be inspired by the stories and support of others.

Are you game? Hit reply and let us know that you’ll be there. All your girlfriends are more than welcome 🙂


* Date: Tuesday 26th June

* Time: 19:00 – 20:30

* Brotherwood has opened up especially for us so there will be

no men in sight. Address: Neumühlequai 10, CH-8001 Zürich

* Drinks and food are available and payable at the bar

With smiles and sunshine

Ulrika & Jo

For more info about us: www.ulrikashaw.com & www.closeencounterstheatre.com

Ps: Check out this article for some signs that you might be a perfectionist:


Additional workshop leader:

Joanne Willmott is a professional choreographer and movement leader who has developed her movement research and professional practise in London, New York, Berlin, India and West Africa. Her outreach programme focuses on how dance can impact cognitive, social and physical wellbeing and is carefully crafted to be inclusive and accessible for those who desire more movement in their lives.
More info:  www.closeencounterstheatre.com

Ulrika and Joanne have worked with women separately for many years, when they discovered each other’s professional practice they instantly recognised the combined power and potential impact of their work.  They share a united goal; to deliver an exciting programme that belongs to women and supports them to be the best that they possibly can be.


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